The only constant in Life is change, changing from within will create amazing transformations.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Genes or Habits

Many people try to blame their genes on weight gain and appearance. However I find that as an excuse to give up and not try to change how you look or feel.  My father's side of the family have high cholesterol as well as my mom, but the day I decided to change my eating habits, my cholesterol and appearance changed. I use to be an over weight female with many hormonal complications. As soon as I decided to change my lifestyle to a healthier one, my cholesterol dropped as did my weight and all my ailments went away.

We are the masters of our Universe and life and we need to stop blaming others for our life and appearance. Food is meant as fuel, and if your family ate bad most likely you do too. If you take the time to listen to your body and treat yourself with utmost respect you will find great rewards in health and appearance.

Before as Maritza over weight and unhealthy
Maritza after changing her lifestyle and became a female bodybuilder
Mark as a balanced individual

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