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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Buyer Beware

Okay I know that most people will do anything for quick weight loss, and that includes buying into the diet hype and quick weight loss schemes; and then there are those that will go through drastic measures as in getting their stomachs stables, bypassed and lipo sucked. To understand weight loss one needs to look into the physiology behind it.

Most people don't realize that the reason they are over weight is due to being malnourished because they are eating food without nutrition. Your body is craving real food and will continue to bug you as in always being hungry to fulfill the cellular need for nutrients. Stay away from liquids in a can or a bottle that claim to provide you with vitamins and minerals and fake protein, or claim to help you loose weight.

Eat whole foods that your cells recognize instead of storing it into your fat cells. Increase your metabolism by eating many small meals of real food such as fruits, greens, grains with minimal animal proteins if any. All vegetables, legumes, grains have all the protein you need and will not turn your system into an acidic night mare which in turn will bring on diseases such as osteoporosis, kidney problems, neurological issues and more.

Change the way you eat and exercise and you won't have to worry about a diet ever again.

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