The only constant in Life is change, changing from within will create amazing transformations.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Building From Scratch

By now many of you have figured out that diets don't work, you have probably been sold many gadgets, pills, and the ultimate plan, and are still falling short.  The one thing that works for sure is consistency and finding the plan that you will stick to. Weight loss is rather funny, and if you don't lose the right kind of weight and change your metabolism you will continue to make the same mistakes again.

Try eliminating junk food from your life, purchase whole foods, and stay away from the pleasure trap which includes foods with sugar, oils, and salt. Reteach your palette and train your brain to only eat foods that are natural and only when you are truly hungry.

Hunger is not what you really think it is. Most people think that if your stomach growls that means you are hungry, that's not so. Hunger comes from a deeper level, the cellular level, and a person can go without food for quite a long time. If you really want to reset your metabolism, then I suggest doing intermittent fasting, teaching your body to stop craving food and to stop fearing your stomachs control over you. Hunger pang is just your stomach saying it is empty, but that is not at all true hunger. When you stop eating for a period of 16 hours your body starts to repair, and your body will produce growth hormone in the process which will help you burn fat and build muscle. In addition, you will have control over your eating and stop craving junk food. Your body will reset itself, in ways you have never known possible.

This is a glimpse at my morning routine, I change it up daily, I do a full body work out 7 days a week. I teach my body to function at extreme stress and force it to grow all natural and on a plant-based diet.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Aging, Noooo!!!!

One of the inevitable events that we humans face and fear is aging. We try to do everything possible, from cosmetic surgery, to engaging in activities that remind us and keep us young. The heart beats billions of times during the course of our lifetime, our brain cells are consumed and destroyed with every passing year, and with every chemically induced trauma we enjoy and engage in. Yet many live life as if they were invincible and immortal, failing to think things through and forgetting that what we do on a daily basis can and will enhance the aging process.
Aging is affected by our thinking, eating, movement, sleeping habits, and overall attitude in life. No good deed goes unnoticed in our cellular system, and did you know that your skin is your largest organ? We bathe ourselves with Chlorine, soaps that contain all sorts of chemicals and we are in offices with sick air conditioning systems and lights, and pretty much are exposed to all sorts of aging chemicals and situations that help father time along. So what can you do to prevent or do some damage control?
First of all hydrate yourself, half a gallon to a gallon of water with lime or lemon will do you the world of good. Start your day off with a tall glass of water and 1-2 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar. Eat as much raw unaltered foods as possible, except for animal products, well stay away from those if you can, all together. Eating meat, poultry, and dairy will really age you quickly, and not to mention create all sorts of unwanted diseases. Eating dead carcasses that underwent stressful situation for your consumption, can wreak havoc on your system.  The more natural, stress-free eating that you do, in its raw form, the more alive your body will feel, and every cell will thank you. 
Have you ever thought of fasting? Fasting is one of the greatest things you can do to prevent aging and to restore dead cells in your body. Eating is actually killing you, believe it or not, the less you eat, the longer you will live.  Fasting every 4 months or twice a year will reset your system, help you heal old injuries and prevent diseases. Once coming off your fast, introduce foods that are whole, real and easy to digest. Your body spends so much time trying to break down foods that it is literally creating problems that you are unaware of. Eat fresh organic if possible, fruits and veggies. Eat to your heart's desire, no counting calories, in fact, you will feel fuller than ever when you consume water-rich foods, that are packed with nutrients and not dead calories, and you will have to make it your business to eat lots of it. 
The year old question is how do you get your protein, well let me tell you, spinach has more protein, usable protein that is,  than a dead piece of meat. The food you are consuming after it has been killed and cooked has very little use for your cells, and is actually just killing you, while making you sick, tired and oh yes wrinkle. So save your money and instead of having to go under the knife, eat right. Most people fail to understand how their bodies work and do more harm than good. I see people over exercise, under-hydrate, and place the wrong foods into their bodies, all of which in the end creates an imbalance that leads to you name it, premature aging and sickness. 
I have been helping clients and patients throughout the years by creating specific programs for their health needs. People think that losing weight is a great thing, and it can be for those who are morbidly obese, but how you lose weight and what kind of weight you are losing is important.  When you lose muscle you are shutting down your metabolism and telling your body you are in danger. Toxic chemicals are released and your glands, to include pituitary, adrenal and thyroid are affected, hence you have just created a cycle of madness that will forever haunt you. You become a hormonal nightmare, and will forever be chasing your tail in an attempt to lose weight. Our bodies need to be healthy, and fat is a symptom of an unhealthy reaction created by chemicals, be it stress, the type of foods you consume, and your interaction with the environment. 
You are responsible for your health and wellbeing, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Every disease, injury, and failure in your body have been created by you. When you have an accident, it was you that chose to be on the road that day, and although it may not have been your fault per say, you were conducting that vehicle and could have prevented the accident if you were a defensive driver, however, if you were too busy daydreaming, texting or took your eyes off the road for a second, an accident occurred. If you twist your ankle, broke a bone in your body, burned yourself, anything that created an injury, it was your doing as well. Being present and well engaged in your activity can lead to a lesser possibility of getting hurt. While exercising, if you paid attention to detail, learning how to interact with the weight, good balance and symmetry of your muscle can prevent injury as well as lifting the appropriate type of weight. As far as getting sick, be it viral, bacterial or cancer, how you eat and how you keep your immune system up to par, can prevent any form of disease. Yes, we are responsible for our health, mental included. 
Every year people make New Year's resolutions and fail to keep them, they chase their tail while trying to lose weight. Weight loss is not the goal people, getting your body to have a well balanced metabolism that will remove toxins and intake nutrients, will keep you at your ideal weight without having to give up your first born.  
If you are interested in learning more, I do online consultations via Skype or email, or phone consults as well. You can email me at Visit my fitness blog at

Till Next Time


Monday, November 21, 2016

Holiday Eating

It's that time of year, where our credit cards get maxed as do our bellies.  Year after year, like ground hog day, we repeat the same mistakes with no avail or change. Is this going to be the year that you break free? Well here is a bit of advice from someone who has managed to learn a bit of how to beat both. Food will only give you a temporary high and satisfaction, once it's chewed and swallowed, the real fun begins. Your metabolism goes into disaster mode, your pants start to get tighter, your fat percentage starts to rise and as you age, the bulge becomes even more stubborn and harder to beat. So do yourself a favor, and celebrate your health while you still have it, and learn that all that eating is really not productive in your life. I for one stopped eating birds and cows and I find the health benefit are amazing and really good for the planet as well.

Our home will enjoy a day of thanks by having some homemade mash potatoes, stuffing, salad and a nice piece of fish. Find new and fun things to do, instead of stuffing your face and prime yourself to not spend on things you don't need. Are your houses and closets not filled enough from all the years of mindless shopping? Instead of buying maybe donate some of the things you don't need, do a winter cleaning and find value in nature, friends, and your spiritual growth. We are heading for tough times in our world, might as well start getting used to a change.

Go for walks, try meditation, read books, get to know the person you love and yourself. Do things that are free in life, you are worth loving and being, silence your mind it can be the root of all of your problems and dismay. From now on think of your body as the most important thing you own, take care of it, only put things in it that will provide you with health. Your mind, treat with respect and honor, don't pollute it with negative thinking, and your heart handle with care, only let people near it that will love it and care for it as it deserves. Make this holiday season different from the rest, don't compare things from your past, it's a new year, a new world a new you.

Foods to avoid: Sugar, canned foods , processed, anything with high fructose syrup, bread, fried foods, dairy, meat and poultry

Foods to indulge in: fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fish, beans, potatoes, rice,

Wishing all of you a responsible, healthy and loving life.

Mark Angelo

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Way To Health: Opening Up To Self From An Asperger Perspective

Hello everyone it has been a minute since I last wrote a blog entry. There has been lots of healing work in my life, from my relationship, my body, mind and spirit. Being a human takes lots of work, it's not all about collecting material things or competing with the Joneses.  Life is a 24 hour job, even when we sleep we work to heal the many issues we have created during many lifetimes, our work is never done, even in our dream state.

I find that most people have been programmed to believe that they will get saved if they accept a man named Jesus, who some believe is God, who promised to return and who died on a cross for us. Now, I respect everyones opinion and belief system, however, I cannot follow such simple scenarios, nor do I agree that life is all about having babies, working, making others rich, and submitting self to a religion to prevent going to a place that doesn't exist.  I believe our creator is a bit more intelligent and less narcissistic than Men have made it out to be.

Since my retransitioning I have worked on many emotional baggage, learning about being aspergery, and how I can understand my brain more, it's quite the lesson to go inward and open self for healing. Most people just want to hide, run away and ignore the real issues, and boy are there. Gender dysphoria is not even the problem, it's just one of the many issues we face, that those of us who I like to call neurologically eccentric deal with.  I know there are many who disagree with me, and prefer not to go there, and that's okay, we are all on different levels of self actualization. But I feel that if I share my views, life and challenges, it may help someone else with theirs.

So what have I learn in the past year? I have learn that events that took place from childhood developed lots of my behaviors, I will not label them good or bad, they are just behaviors that could be seen as coping mechanisms. I know one thing, many in our community are not able to cope, in fact we create situations that allow us to run from things, and many habits stem from the fleeting behavior. Again, not labeling them good or bad, just behaviors. I have learn that the more we resist something, the more it persists, without awareness, there cannot be change or healing. Opening up to self, allows you to be truthful to others, and running or numbing solves nothing, it only makes our behavior more bizarre, not in a bad or good way, just different, remember it is our way of coping.

I wanted to share that healing is different for everyone, sometimes it comes in increments, other times in massive waves, but you know you are healing when things are not as magnified as before, and when you are able to look within without feeling so much pain.  Relationships are the greatest healing tools ever, you see yourself in your partner, they are a mirror of you, and the best way to know how you are inside is to look at the one you love with empathy, instead of judgment, it does not come easy, because we have been taught to judge and run.

As an Aspy, we see the world very different, our brains do not function the same as other brains, once you learn this your life will be easier.

Till next time, eat healthy, breathe freely, move, laugh and love.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lab Values Different For Vegans

It's been a while since I have written anything in my fitness blog, there has been so much going on in our lives since our recent move and settling in to our new life here in South Florida, that I have not been able to write as much as I would have liked. I want to say that the best place in the world to be out doors, get plenty of sun and fun is Fort Lauderdale Beach. I love where we live, there is so much going on all the time, and the amount of fitness oriented people parading the streets is motivating to say the least.

We have return to our vegan and Raw till 4 pm life style, with the occasional sushi run, which can technically make us pescatarian if you need to label us in any way. I since went to the doctor to do a hormone profile having been off T for almost 4 months, I wanted to see what my body was doing as far as lab values are concerned. I found that my white blood cell count was low and at first I was concerned, till I did the research and found out that individuals that eat a clean diet, mostly plant based, their white blood cell count tends to be lower, since their bodies do not consume foods filled with toxins. So the general publics white cell count tends to be elevated to deal with all of the toxins they consume.  I found that rather interesting and my theory that most people make themselves sick by their increased stress levels, chemical intake and improper nutrition, pretty much was validated.

That old saying you are what you eat is not far from being fact, in fact, I truly believe that every disorder and disease we experience tends to be related with our inability to handle stress and from consuming the Standard American Diet. So you ask what is that exactly? Well your typical animal protein filled fare, loaded with sugar, dairy and unhealthy fats. Most Americans eat food like products that are not really food after all. If it doesn't come from a tree, the ground or a vine, and its loaded with additive, preservatives and in a box, then most likely its not food. Your bodies cellular mechanism requires nutrition to live, people are eating but are malnourished and over weight. Why you ask? Because none of the food they eat has any value, just dead and dense calories that take room in your fat cells.

Here are a few tips to improve your diet and attitude towards life.

  • Make sure you get at least 20 min of sun every day
  • Drink 1/2 a gallon of purified water and add 12 oz of coconut water in addition to the rest
  • Take time to do deep breathing meditative exercises either upon awakening or before going tot bed. Find a quiet spot where you can clear your mind and focus on your breath
  • add apple cider vinegar to a warm cup of water and drink first thing upon arising 
  • add a raw snack or meal at least 3 times a week such as sun dried tomatoes, celery or carrot sticks, sliced cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, 2-3 fruits with proper fruit combining 

People tend to neglect their bodies and forget that maintenance of your machine is important for proper health and longitivtiy. Find reasons to change your life, become excited about being in the best shape and health ever. Don't fall into the typical rut and lack of enthusiasm. You are worth every bit of your effort to be the best you, you can be.

Until Next time, Love you all but remember to love yourselves too.

Maritza Lopez


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mark And Lynna Doing Great Things

Well folks the e-book is finally here. Now you can make delicious, nutritious and colorful bowls that are filled with health and love. Learn how Mark makes his amazing recipes that he is constantly sharing on his  face book page. Mark's FB

This easy to follow, yet informational picture filled book, will amaze you and leave you delighted with the many varieties you have in making massive salad bowls, home made dressings, smoothies and more. The book is filled with colorful pictures, Mark's cuisines and pictures of the beautiful land of enchantment. You can order the book as an e book, viewable on your iPad, iPhone and tablets, or you can down load the pdf and view it on your laptop, as well as order the hard copy.

So what are you waiting for, order it now, give it as a gift of health to your friends and family. This will make a great Mother's day present.  Order here Food For Thought: The Art Of Non-Cooking

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the content of the book, and if you would like to hire my services, feel free to peruse the price range on the right side of the blog. I can tailor a program especially for you, I have discount prices for groups.

Enjoy this labor of love that Mark and Lynna put together for you.

We Love you, but remember to Love yourself too.

Mark Angelo & Lynna Arielle