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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Balance your mind, body and spirit

We forget that in order for our bodies to fully reap the benefit of health, we need to create a balance of our mind, body and spirit. Only when we have accomplish this equilibrium of the 3 will we find peace of mind and heart.

Our souls need just as much nourishing as does our minds and body, we need to become acquainted with our inner voice and higher guidance. I am not speaking religion or deity, I am saying you, your inner guide. We all have one, just many have not recognized it. There are many ways to get connected with your inner source, meditation is one of them, learning to quite the mind and listen to your heart will help with the introduction to self. Also by feeding your temple the right foods it will allow your pineal gland to be activated and open to enhance your spiritual connection.

Start out slow by having a 10 minute quite time where you start training your mind to be silenced, it won't be easy, it's like working a muscle but with time you will accomplish this, use a quite dark room with maybe a candle for focus. If you want more information on this and want me to help you accomplish this and many more please consider having me in your corner.

Much Love to you all, but remember to love yourself to, you are worth it.

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