The only constant in Life is change, changing from within will create amazing transformations.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Change Begins In Your Attitude

I know many want to change the way they look and feel, but if you can't take control of your thoughts and actions, then all the wanting in the world,will not bring on that change. It is easier to start a diet tomorrow, next week or next year. We all have New Year's Resolutions that end up as New Years disappointments. But if you give up before you even start then changes are you will not accomplish the goals you set out to do.

Write yourself a contract, set goals and dates to be accomplished, believe in yourself. Take pictures and post them on Face Book to make your self accountable and inspire others at the same time.  If you mess up, don't throw in the towel, just consider it a slip up and carry on. Be motivating, don't put yourself down if you are not going as fast as you would like, baby steps eventually lead to leaps and bounds.

Praise yourself for every inch of progress you make, be happy that you are heading in the right direction and do not let the naysayers bring you down. Remember misery loves company, your out of shape friends and family will want to sabotage your progress, don't let them. Be an inspiration, even if it makes you the odd ball.

Start your resolution now, don't wait till the New Year and get a head start. Remember that your health is the most important thing you have without it life is not worth living.
If you can't live your truth, then its just not worth living.

Mark Angelo Cummings

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