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Monday, September 15, 2014

Breaking Down The Barriers

We tend to build all sorts of walls around us and use food as a crush of sorts to make us feel protected and safe. Fat in general is a way of building that fort that we create to make us less vulnerable around others. We have learn to use food as protection, a feel good substance and an over all a way to hide what we feel inside.

Sharing your feelings with others verses keeping them in and masking it with food can be a way of healing and learning to have a better relationship with food. We feel certain connections with comfort foods that has lead us to an unhealthy way of eating. Can this relationship be broken and reshaped? Absolutely it can. Look deep within your core and find out what created the barriers and where is the pain coming from? Let me help you through these obstacles and help you achieve your health and fitness goals once and for all. Here is a tip: when you get ready to eat something, ask yourself am I eating because I am hungry, or am I eating because I am in pain, worried, bored or hurt? Be honest with yourself and find a new path to fill your void, something other than food or bad for your health. Remember you are important and are loved.

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