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Monday, May 12, 2014

Tapping in to your spirit Self

I am a big believer in mind over matter. I see us all as a conduit of light and frequency. Our every cell responds to our moods and feelings and when we are in a bad place, our body becomes the center of disease. The weight we put on is not so much from the foods we eat but why we are eating it and how.  For example, if you are eating because you are depressed the negative frequency will enable the food to get stored as fat. Now I am not saying that you can eat whatever you want all the time and not gain weight, but if you honor your food, and the time that you are eating, the probability of that food not hindering you are far less. Also when you are in a good head space, you tend to want to eat things that are better for you, than not.

Here is a great exercise for the mind while you are eating. First bless your foods, take your time while you eat and focus only on eating. Most people tend to watch TV, talk or be on their phone device, instead of being in the now and enjoying your food. You will tend to eat less and your food will process better, hence, better digestion, less food storage and harmful chemical release.

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Living life in the right frequency can make a world of difference.

I Love you, but remember to Love yourself too.

Mark Angelo Cummings

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