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Monday, November 21, 2016

Holiday Eating

It's that time of year, where our credit cards get maxed as do our bellies.  Year after year, like ground hog day, we repeat the same mistakes with no avail or change. Is this going to be the year that you break free? Well here is a bit of advice from someone who has managed to learn a bit of how to beat both. Food will only give you a temporary high and satisfaction, once it's chewed and swallowed, the real fun begins. Your metabolism goes into disaster mode, your pants start to get tighter, your fat percentage starts to rise and as you age, the bulge becomes even more stubborn and harder to beat. So do yourself a favor, and celebrate your health while you still have it, and learn that all that eating is really not productive in your life. I for one stopped eating birds and cows and I find the health benefit are amazing and really good for the planet as well.

Our home will enjoy a day of thanks by having some homemade mash potatoes, stuffing, salad and a nice piece of fish. Find new and fun things to do, instead of stuffing your face and prime yourself to not spend on things you don't need. Are your houses and closets not filled enough from all the years of mindless shopping? Instead of buying maybe donate some of the things you don't need, do a winter cleaning and find value in nature, friends, and your spiritual growth. We are heading for tough times in our world, might as well start getting used to a change.

Go for walks, try meditation, read books, get to know the person you love and yourself. Do things that are free in life, you are worth loving and being, silence your mind it can be the root of all of your problems and dismay. From now on think of your body as the most important thing you own, take care of it, only put things in it that will provide you with health. Your mind, treat with respect and honor, don't pollute it with negative thinking, and your heart handle with care, only let people near it that will love it and care for it as it deserves. Make this holiday season different from the rest, don't compare things from your past, it's a new year, a new world a new you.

Foods to avoid: Sugar, canned foods , processed, anything with high fructose syrup, bread, fried foods, dairy, meat and poultry

Foods to indulge in: fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fish, beans, potatoes, rice,

Wishing all of you a responsible, healthy and loving life.

Mark Angelo

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