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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mark And Lynna Doing Great Things

Well folks the e-book is finally here. Now you can make delicious, nutritious and colorful bowls that are filled with health and love. Learn how Mark makes his amazing recipes that he is constantly sharing on his  face book page. Mark's FB

This easy to follow, yet informational picture filled book, will amaze you and leave you delighted with the many varieties you have in making massive salad bowls, home made dressings, smoothies and more. The book is filled with colorful pictures, Mark's cuisines and pictures of the beautiful land of enchantment. You can order the book as an e book, viewable on your iPad, iPhone and tablets, or you can down load the pdf and view it on your laptop, as well as order the hard copy.

So what are you waiting for, order it now, give it as a gift of health to your friends and family. This will make a great Mother's day present.  Order here Food For Thought: The Art Of Non-Cooking

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the content of the book, and if you would like to hire my services, feel free to peruse the price range on the right side of the blog. I can tailor a program especially for you, I have discount prices for groups.

Enjoy this labor of love that Mark and Lynna put together for you.

We Love you, but remember to Love yourself too.

Mark Angelo & Lynna Arielle


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